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Opening Exhibition Architectural on Proto Tamansari

Opening Exhibition
Architectural on
Proto Tamansari

Waktu :
Friday, 4 September 2015

Tempat :
Erasmus Huis. Jl. H.R.Rasuna Said kav. S-3 Kuningan – Jakarta

Exhibition: Proto Tamansari will be held on 4 September 2015 – 24 September 2015.  

Desakota-peri urban area: Indonesia's claim to the world's greenest metropole Proto Tamansari Exhibition Desakota-peri urban area: Indonesia's claim to the world's greenest metropole Free admission On 4 September at 19.30 hrs Dutch Ambassador Swartbol will open the architectural exhibition on Proto Tamansari: New tools for Desakota development. 

Two seminars will be held in conjuction with the exhibition. On 14 September a seminar will focus on developing urban planning tools for creating a green desakota and on 16 September the seminar will focus on the role of small and medium sized entreprises in creative industry for innovation. Both seminars are free of charge and open for the public. The seminars will take place at the Erasmus Huis from 12.00 – 17.00 and will be held with the architects and designers of Proto Tamansari.

Among multiple new settlement types having emerged in the last century, the Indonesian variant of desakota is one of the most intriguing. It is an unplanned development happening in the landscape surrounding cities mostly in Asia, a mixture of agricultural and urban landscape with the potential of becoming highly sustainable, but likely to become the opposite. Krill office for resilient Cities and architecture has been studying the desakota south of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, for a longer period of time and invited four other architecture studios, as well as experts of four universities to help create a vision on future development. Without new tools for development these areas are bound to disappear. 

Proto Tamansari aims to create new planning tools and therefore relies on a new method, combining architects with scientific researchers, using the insiders perspective of Indonesian professionals as well as the outsiders perspective of European professionals. The distinctive challenges of this specific area, as well as the general desakota challenges, has lead to the identification of five themes that needed addressing first: restricted mobility infrastructure, resilient agriculture, green realm, water and flood resilience, and village economy.

The involved offices are: Krill Office for Resilient Cities an Architecture, Eko Prawoto Architecture workshop, Felixx Landscape Architects, sigit.kusumawijaya | architect & urbandesigner, and SHAU. 

The involved universities are University Gajah Mada, Christian University Duta Wacana, IHE-Unesco and IHS-Erasmus. 

Concept and initiative of Proto Tamansari by Harmen van de Wal-Krill Office for Resilient Cities and Architecture. 

Proto Tamansari is supported through funds from the Creative Industries Funds, and the EFL-Van Eesteren fund.  

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