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Movie Screening : Sokola Rimba @japan foundation

The Indonesian Heritage Society, in collaboration with the Japan Foundation, 17 March, 2014, 
screening the movie of “Sokola Rimba”, the collective work product of dynamic producer-director duo Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza. The film will have English subtitles, supported by the Indonesian Heritage Society and promises to be a great opportunity to watch, learn, support and promote an Indonesian movie made for all ages!

Movie : Sokola Rimba

Duration : 90 minutes

Director & Screenwriter : Riri Riza

Producer : Mira Lesmana

Cast : Prisia Nasution (also appeared in Rectoverso), Nyungsang Bungo, Beindah, Nengkabau, Rukman Rosadi, Nadhira Suryadi, Netta KD, Ines Somellera

About Sokola Rimba : Sokola Rimba is based on the story (of the same name) written by Butet Manurung. It depicts Manurung’s year as an anthropologist, educator and activist with the Orang Rimba (People of the Forest), the nomadic indigenous tribes living in the rainforests of Jambi in central Sumatra. In Sokola Rimba, Butet spends most of her days deep in the dense Bukit Duabelas jungle spreading literacy and teaching basic math to the children of the Orang Rimba. She soon runs into challenges presented by a community rooted in tradition and its belief that anything from outside the community is a curse and is destructive. Butet realizes she has to find another way to bring education and learning into the lives of the Orang Rimba children, and the film tells us of her journey.

Sokola Rimba @japan foundation
Poster Sokola Rimba

About Riri Riza : A pioneer of Indonesian new-age cinema who came to fame with the 1997 omnibus “Kuldesak”, Riri Riza has once again, wielded his weapon of choice by casting locals in the main roles and shooting in locations true to the story. He stays true to his signature-style as seen in “Laskar Pelangi “(2008) and “Atambua 39° Celsius” (2012), 
by featuring native Indonesian tribes.

 Sokola Rimba @japan foundation

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